Building Community

  • Parks - Recreation - Public Spaces: We need to continue our investment in our parks and recreation programs. I will ensure our parks and community programs appeal to people of all ages, make wellness more accessible, and cultivate social interactions between residents from all backgrounds. Learn More
  • Community and Policing in Crystal: I support our public servants and will ensure they are trained to the highest standard. In every decision I make on the Council, I will prioritize programs that build trust and relationships within our residents. Learn More
  • Public and Community Art: I will champion the creation of a Community Art Commission whose purpose will be to identify places for public art and make them accessible to local artists.
  • A Voice in Government: As your council member I will actively seek input from residents, and I will routinely schedule times where I am publicly accessible to listen to your comments, questions, and concerns.

Development with Purpose

  • Preserving Neighborhoods: One thing that makes Crystal unique is the small town feel of our neighborhoods. I will work to preserve the character of our neighborhoods, and protect them from large scale development.
  • The City's Heart: I will work to promote the revitalization of the primary commercial area around Broadway Ave. and Bass Lake Rd. into a community focused town center with local shops, restaurants, and businesses.
  • Walkability: I will work with Hennepin County and other regional authorities to make Crystal a better and safer place to walk and bike. Pedestrian crossings at County Road 81- Bass Lake Rd. and the W Broadway Ave. rail crossing are uncomfortable to cross. Other pedestrian crosswalks like the Community Center-Douglas Dr. crossing leave you with an uneasy feeling as you cross.
  • Public Transportation: Our community would benefit from improvements to public transportation. I will advocate for an extension to the future planned Broadway Ave. Bus Rapid Transit to Crystal.
  • Natural Spaces: I am committed to preserving natural and open spaces within the city, encouraging the use of native species plants as parks and roads are updated, and continuing to increase the number of trees in our parks.

Financial Discipline

  • Planning for our Future: I am dedicated to planning for the future needs of our city. Our long term plan should embody our shared values and goals, but it should consider the future financial burden on our residents.
  • Wasteful Debt: I am committed to keeping Crystal financially strong, eliminating wasteful debt, and ensuring we have the resources to deliver on our promises.
  • Clear Price Tag: I do not support assessments for street construction, repair, and maintenance. We use our roads as a community, and we should maintain them as a community.
  • Financing Change: I do not support TIF (Tax Increment Financing) to draw developers to Crystal. Development happens naturally when we invest in creating a strong, vibrant, and appealing community.

Other Assorted Goodies

  • Whenever the city makes changes to traffic controls at intersections, changes should be communicated to residents, and there should be “Traffic Control Change Ahead” signs placed before the intersection notifying drivers of the change.
  • Walkability is important to every community. Even in the winter... Even in Minnesota... That is why I support city snow removal for all public sidewalks.
  • Accountability is required at all levels of government, and must be a priority with no exceptions or excuses. 









Crystal Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

    I currently serve as an at-large member on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. My priorities on the Commission are to ensure our parks serve everyone in our community, promote overall health and wellness, and develop engaging spaces for social and cultural experiences.


Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager

    As a newly hired QA Manager I assisted in the construction and startup of a brand new 80,000 sf. food processing facility. Now that the facility is fully operational, I oversee a department responsible for regulatory compliance, food safety, and product quality.


Chair of the UW-System Student Representatives

    As Chair of the UW-System Student Representatives I led a group that represented the 180,000 students and 26 campuses of the University of Wisconsin System. In my first term as Chair we transformed an informal group of student body presidents into a statewide organization able to effect legislative and policy changes at the state level. Those student body presidents then reelected me to a second term as Chair. During this second term, in response to a proposed 13% cut in state aid across the university system, our group mobilized student governments and organized a massive legislative outreach campaign at the state capital.



UW-System Chapter 17 Committee

     While Chair of the UW-System Student Representatives, I served as the student representative on a committee tasked by the WI State Legislature to draft amendments to WI State Statute Chapter 17 to ensure the UW-System was in compliance with US Department of Education Guidelines for campus sexual assault.



UW-River Falls Student Body President

     While serving as UW-River Falls Student Body President the university received a $4.2M base budget reduction. During my tenure I worked closely with the university administration to minimize the effect of budget cuts on academic programs and essential student services.
     As Student Body President I also served as a member of numerous committees including the University's Strategic Planning Committee helping navigate future challenges.



River Falls Town and Gown Association founding member

     While Student Body President, in partnership with the River Falls City Council and University Administration we founded the River Falls Town and Gown Association. This group was created to foster improved communication between the University and local citizens, identify and create opportunities for mutual growth, and create a proactive problem-solving relationship.